Valentine Sweets

Little Valentine Sweet

Adorable little Valentine Sweets from sugar paste. Easy and quick to make and just bite size, so no ruining friends’ appetites for healthy dinners. (And an added bonus is they are virtually mess free too!)

My youngest really enjoyed making our Valentine Cupcakes and they prompted a discussion about the joy of sharing and giving to others. He was quite keen to make lots of cakes so he could give one to each of his classmates for Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t sure though if it was such a good idea to give out quite such an enormous sugary treat when children would be heading home for their evening meals. So we came up with this simple idea instead.

Cute Bite Sized Valentine Sweets from My Little 3 and Me.


How To Make Valentine Sweets

(Makes 30 sweets)

A selection of coloured sugar pastes.
We chose 5 colours: red, two shades of pink, white and blue. Each of our little sweets is just 2 grams so for a class of 30 children we only used 60g of sugar paste, 12g of each colour. If you want larger sweets or more of them then just increase the quantities.


Grease-proof paper
Rolling pin
Mini heart cutters – 3 different sizes. (We used 3 sizes of hearts but one size or a different shape would be just as nice. If you don’t have any little cutters you could just cut into squares with a knife or roll into balls.)
Here are the cutters we used:

Little paint brush
Saucer of water

Valentine Sweets For Friends

Valentine Sweets For Friends

  1. Take each ball of coloured sugar paste and roll in thinly between two sheets of grease-proof paper. We rolled our paste to about a 1 mm.
  2. Cut 30 hearts of each size in a selection of colours.
  3. Lay out your biggest hearts and dampen the paintbrush in the saucer of water and dab it onto each large heart. (You just want it slightly damp, not dripping.)
  4. Quickly put a medium heart of a different colour on top of each big heart.
  5. Repeat the process with the medium hearts, putting a little heart on the top of each.
  6. Allow to dry out over night. Then they’ll be firm enough to pop in a bag without loosing their shape or sticking together.
Little Valentine Sweet

Little Valentine Sweet

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