Incy Wincy Spider Play Resources

Incy Wincy Play Set 2

An easy to make Incy Wincy (Itsy Bitsy) Spider Play Set to bring the nursery rhyme to life and develop early literacy, sequencing and story telling skills.

Five Currant Buns Song Resources-free printable

5 currant buns song resources

These Five Currant Buns song resources and free printable giant pennies are great for little hands and for developing early numeracy skills.

Pancake Fun Activities and Printable

Drawing Pancake Toppings Printable

Looking for some pancake fun with your little ones? We’ve got toy cookers and pancakes to make, songs to sing, games to play and a lovely ‘Pancake Toppings’ free printable. Lots to keep your little ones busy and help them explore the traditions, tastes and fun of pancake day.

Father Christmas Song

Crumb being Father Christmas

We’ve had lots of giggles writing and performing this Father Christmas Song and hope you enjoy it too.

Reindeer Song


We love to sing songs and often make them up using familiar tunes. Here’s “I’m a Little Reindeer”, which we created to go with our Printable Reindeer Antlers Craft. We hope you like it.