How To Make Snow Gel – Sensory Play

Cold, Wobbly, Sparkly Snow Gel.

Cold, wobbly, sparkly Snow Gel; a wonderfully rich sensory play experience.

How To Build An Igloo

The last brick

Want to know how to build an igloo? Well it’s easy, all you need is nothing but the kitchen sink! …Oh and a spade, that helps…and snow of course, lots of snow…and while you’re at it some thermals!

Snow Painting

Tabitha The Painted Snow Cat

We’ve been busy in the garden making a snow cat that Biscuit and Crumb decided to call Tabitha. We painted her with simple poster paint but mixed up powder paint would work just as well too.
The children loved how it brought their character to life. Say hello to Tabitha the Snowcat, our new pet.