Art Projects for Kids-Wax Resist Leaf Painting

Art Project For Kids - Wax Resist Leaf Painting

Wax leaf rubbings are a fun art project for kids that lots of you will already be familiar with but I wanted to take this traditional art process a step further.
I loved the idea of the children being able to combine leaf rubbing with leaf painting and hence this Wax Resist Leaf Painting art project for kids was born!

Autumn Crafts – Cute Hedgehogs

Cute Hedgehog Family

Make a Cute Hedgehog Family – A fun 3D Autumn craft for kids and a great way to develop fine motor skills.

Painted Pumpkins – A Pumpkin Carving Alternative


Have fun Pumpkin Painting with the whole family this Halloween. It’s the perfect safe and easy alternative to pumpkin carving for children.

Wax Resist – Pumpkin Carving Alternative

Wax Resist- A Kiddy Friendly Pumpkin Carving Alternative From My Little 3 and Me

Pumpkin carving isn’t very kiddy friendly so we’ve come up with this super fun wax-resist alternative. Now even very young children can get involved with decorating pumpkins for Halloween this Autumn.

Baby and Toddler Conker Play

Baby and Toddler Conker Play from My Little 3 and Me

Are you BONKERS about CONKERS too? We’ve got a great collection of ideas for babies and toddlers to play and learn with conkers.

Make A Paper Plate Pig Mask

Adorable Pink Paper Plate Pig Mask, Perfect For Your Little Snuffle Monster.

These adorable snuffly paper plate pig masks are really easy to make and something children of all ages will love to have in their dressing up box. I really like that they sit on the forehead as some little ones don’t like wearing full face masks and it makes it much easier for glasses wearers too.

Make Paper Plate Lamb and Sheep Masks

Cute Springtime Paper Plate Sheep and Lamb Masks

These cute, fluffy paper plate lamb and sheep masks are easy to make and children of all ages will love having them in their dressing up box. Baa, Baa! (They sit on the forehead so are great for glasses wearers and children that don’t like full face masks too.)