Counting Cookies (Simple Salt Dough Recipe)


Early maths can be great fun with these homemade Counting Cookies. They’re made from a simple salt dough recipe so they’re really cheap and easy to make.

Dragon Hobby Horse


Make a Dragon Hobby Horse for fun imaginative play. Great for St George’s Day, World Book Day or any day your little knights want to fly! A recycled craft.

Make A Paper Plate Pig Mask

Adorable Pink Paper Plate Pig Mask, Perfect For Your Little Snuffle Monster.

These adorable snuffly paper plate pig masks are really easy to make and something children of all ages will love to have in their dressing up box. I really like that they sit on the forehead as some little ones don’t like wearing full face masks and it makes it much easier for glasses wearers too.

Make Paper Plate Lamb and Sheep Masks

Cute Springtime Paper Plate Sheep and Lamb Masks

These cute, fluffy paper plate lamb and sheep masks are easy to make and children of all ages will love having them in their dressing up box. Baa, Baa! (They sit on the forehead so are great for glasses wearers and children that don’t like full face masks too.)

Small World Snow Scene

Snowball Fight!

Why Is Small World Snow Play so Valuable?

Children love playing in the snow but sadly it often doesn’t hang around for long and all we’re left with is dirty slush. A small world snow play scene can help children explore the fun and magic of snow play again and again and again.

Father Christmas Song

Crumb being Father Christmas

We’ve had lots of giggles writing and performing this Father Christmas Song and hope you enjoy it too.

Reindeer Song


We love to sing songs and often make them up using familiar tunes. Here’s “I’m a Little Reindeer”, which we created to go with our Printable Reindeer Antlers Craft. We hope you like it.

Prehistoric Dinner

Cave Man Biscuit

Chops and broccoli became a step back in time as 9 year old Biscuit asked if he could be a caveman and eat his meat with his hands. This soon escalated into all of us stomping around the table, thumping our chests, gesticulating wildly and shouting lots of guttural “Ug”s. (Note to self  – shut the curtains now the nights are drawing in so neighbours’ view of me as normal sensible parent are not shattered.) Chops devoured and school jumpers sufficiently {Read More}