Sensory Play – Rainbow Bottles/Music Shakers

Make a Rainbow Sensory Play Bottle / Musical Shaker, great for all ages. From My Little 3 and Me.

Children learn and play through all their senses and sensory play activities are great for providing children with lots of stimuli and new experiences. These Rainbow Sensory Bottles are bright and cheerful and just perfect for baby and toddlers to explore. They also double up as fantastic shakers so older children can use them as homemade musical instruments for all their singing and musical ideas too.

 Sensory Bottle Themes

The great thing about lots of sensory activities is that they can easily be adapted to suit your theme. I chose rainbow colours to make these sensory bottles/music shakers because we’re coming up to St Patrick’s Day so it seemed very fitting. They can of course be made with any colours and contents you fancy. You could make an Autumn bottle with conkers and leaves and use lovely orange and brown ribbons. Or how about a summer beach theme filled with sand and shells and topped with yellow and blue ribbons?  There are so many possibilities to see you through the whole year!

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Resources We Used To Make Our Sensory Play Rainbow Bottles

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How To Make A Rainbow Sensory Bottle And The Learning Opportunities.

First I got the children to put the coloured pom-poms into the bottle. There are lots of colour learning, counting, sorting and things to talk about here.

  • Can the children name all the different colours?
  • Can the children sort the colours into groups?
  • Do the children know of other things the same colour as that pom-pom?
  • Can the children sort the colours in Rainbow order?
  • What’s their favourite colour and why?
  • Can they count the pom-poms?
  • Can they decide how many pom-poms they want in their bottle and then count them out?
  • Can they estimate how many pom-poms there are in that pile?

Make a Rainbow Sensory Play Bottle / Musical Shaker, great for all ages. From My Little 3 and Me.

Then we put in the rice. I wanted something that would give a bit of noise when the bottles were shaken and this was nice and plain so it didn’t detract from the colours. You could use lots of other things too like pasta, seeds, bells etc. Putting in the rice offers a great opportunity for the children to problem solve and practise their fine motor skills.

  • Can the children problem solve how best to get the rice into the bottle?
  • You could give them simple tools to try, maybe a spoon, chop sticks, funnel, rolled up piece of paper, tweezers etc.

Make a Rainbow Sensory Play Bottle / Musical Shaker, great for all ages. From My Little 3 and Me.

Now for the rainbow ribbon lid.  A grown up will need to make a hole in the lid to thread the ribbon through, I did it really easily just using an old screwdriver. Then you need to prepare your ribbons. There are lots of colour learning opportunities here too and the chance to do some measuring and cutting.

  • Look at all the colour learning opportunities with the pom-poms above. You can use the same ideas here with the rainbow coloured ribbons too.
  • Can the children decide how long they want their ribbon to be?
  • Do they want them all the same length or different lengths?
  • How can they measure the ribbon? What ideas do the children have? Perhaps they’d like the ribbon as long as their arm or as long as Daddy’s foot? Older children might like to measure the ribbon out using centimetres.
  • Can the children cut the ribbon? It’s a bit trickier than paper!

Make a Rainbow Sensory Play Bottle / Musical Shaker, great for all ages. From My Little 3 and Me.

Once we had our ribbon lengths I taped the ends together to make it easier to thread through the lid. Once through I removed the tape and tied the rainbow ribbons in a tight and thick knot.

Then pop your lid on the bottle and hey presto. A visual treat to turn, twist, tip and spin and enjoy looking at all the racing and tumbling colours. The sensation of the weighted rice moving about is great for tiny tots and of course it makes a fantastic noise, so now’s the time to start singing too. We love the “I Can Sing a Rainbow Song”

Here’s a video of my little deaf son singing it a few months after having his first cochlear implant operation. He was beginning to hear speech and music for the first time and this was his all time favourite song! He had developed some vowel sounds but the consonants took a lot longer to come as he had a massive oral motor skill delay too. What a cutie!

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Make a Rainbow Sensory Play Bottle / Musical Shaker, great for all ages. From My Little 3 and Me.

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  1. These look beautiful and so much fun to make and use too

  2. They look fab, love the colours, and we are always in need of inspiration for new (and easy enough for me!) crafts x

  3. love the idea!
    I’ve followed your board for any future projects

  4. These are great! I’m trying to save up some bottles to make something similar for my daughter.

  5. These are such a good idea, and great for so many different developmental areas. I can’t believe I wasn’t already following you on pinterest, but I am now.

  6. they look like great fun

  7. Great idea. We have made one with water and glitter flakes but the ribbon idea is fab. I am going to do this asap x

  8. These look fantastic! We can always do with more props at our regular songtimes – my two love to make a clatter, and thebright colours look gorgeous.

  9. Oh I love these. My one year old Son loves to play with my drinks bottles and loves to make noises out of everything so these would be right up his street! I’ll bookmark these to make on Friday

  10. Ah these look great and so much fun!
    Katie x

  11. I remember making these with my kids when they were young. Your version looks so beautifully colourful – what’s not to like?!

  12. I love his rainbow song video, aww – so cute!! My 4 year old started to sing that recently too, I always like it cos that was my primary school’s official song when I was little!

    The sensory bottles are great too. I think I need to get making some after seeing these and your spring ones

  13. What fantastic ideas! I love sensory play – and these look super fun :-)

  14. This looks great – I love how colourful it is! Drinking bottles can make the best toys…with a little bit of imagination!

  15. Love that this is so easy to make and so beautiful!

  16. Aww they are so pretty – look fab :)

  17. Very pretty and that video is so sweet!

  18. These look really lovely, great idea. I’m off to explore your Pinterest board now as it looks like it’s bursting with things to do. thanks

  19. Hi Emma
    This is a great idea!
    I have just started doing alot of crafts with my toddler so we are going to try this one!
    I am following you on pinterest also and will never miss any of your fab ideas.
    Your boy is super cute – great singing! x

  20. What a great idea.

  21. That screwdriver’s seen some action! Loved these for their simplicity and bright colours – great idea, particularly the flower one.

  22. Oh wow these look absolutely fantastic – our 3 year old would definitely love something with ribbons too. Must check out your Pinterest board!

  23. That looks fab – so bright and pretty x x

  24. What a great sensory and sound activity! Thanks, again, for sharing with us today!

  25. These are cute! I love the ideas of sensory bottles…unfortunately, the one time I DID try to do one for my now 16 month old, she kept trying to “drink” from the bottle. She’s a little too smart for her own good sometimes. lol

  26. Hi, this is amazing, I’m a Spanish infant teacher and your activity likes me so much. Congratulations!

  27. such a lovely thing to do – adorable!

  28. Would love to make these in my class when learning about Noah, and the Rainbow promise…..also enjoyed watching your son sing after having his cochlear implant……my daughter had her first one at 3, and has just had her other side implanted at 16…..Best wishes to you!

  29. So pretty and colorful! I can’t wait to make a few for some little ones I know! Pinned!

  30. What a brilliant idea , love that they are so colourful

  31. Thanks! I’ve been wanting to make Gianna up some new toys & since we just started Kindermusik this will be right up our alley! Thanks for the fun activity!!!!

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