Nursery Rhymes – Mary Mary Quite Contrary Craft


Magic Pop Up Flowers, an interactive Mary Mary Quite Contrary Nursery Rhyme CraftNursery Rhymes are so much fun to share with little ones. One of my favourites is Mary Mary Quite Contrary. It’s a great nursery rhyme to sing in the Spring and the Summer when you’re outside with the children spotting signs of new growth, pretty flowers and maybe even trying your hand at a bit of gardening too!

We’ve got a simple nursery rhyme craft that will really bring Mary Mary Quite Contrary to life.

Our Pop-Up Flower craft lets children enjoy growing their flowers time and time again…as if by MAGIC!

Supplies To Make A Mary Mary Quite Contrary Pop-Up Flower

For each nursery rhyme pop-up flower you will need:

  • 2 plastic /paper cups
  • 1 plastic drinking straw
  • Tissue or crepe paper
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Brown Paint

How We Made Our Mary Mary Quite Contrary Pop-Up Flower

For each Nursery Rhyme Pop-Up Flower you will need to cut the bottom out of your first cup. This will form your plant pot. Paint it brown and set it aside to dry.

Then cut the top 3/4 off of the second cup and put a small hole into its base. We just poked a pair of scissors through to make the hole.

Magic Pop Up Flowers, an interactive Mary Mary Quite Contrary Nursery Rhyme Craft

Take a few sheets of coloured crepe or tissue paper and cut out some circles to make your flower. We just used an up-turned glass to draw around.

Magic Pop Up Flowers, an interactive Mary Mary Quite Contrary Nursery Rhyme Craft

Poke a small hole into the middle of the paper circles and pop in your straw. Use sticky tape to stick the paper flower head onto the straw stem.

Magic Pop Up Flowers, an interactive Mary Mary Quite Contrary Nursery Rhyme Craft

Now to make your plant pot!  Start with the painted cup the right way up. Tip the small section of plain cup up-side-down and put it into the painted cup. From the underside of the painted cup, use sticky tape to secure it into place. This little section will hold your flower stem and help stop the children pulling the flower right out of the pot.

Magic Pop Up Flowers, an interactive Mary Mary Quite Contrary Nursery Rhyme Craft

Put the plant pot the right way up again and pop your straw flower stem through the little hole in the inside.

Why not give your little one a small watering can so they can pretend to water their flower? If you don’t mind vacuuming up a bit of glitter you could even put some into the watering can so children can pretend to pour on water or MAGIC to make their garden grow just like Mary Mary Quite Contrary in the nursery rhyme!

Magic Pop Up Flowers, an interactive Mary Mary Quite Contrary Nursery Rhyme Craft

Magic Pop Up Flowers, an interactive Mary Mary Quite Contrary Nursery Rhyme Craft

Perhaps your children would like to make a whole row of flowers like Mary Mary Quite Contrary?

They look really pretty  sitting on a shelf or windowsill and I think they’d make great little Mother’s Day gifts too!

Magic Pop Up Flowers, an interactive Mary Mary Quite Contrary Nursery Rhyme Craft

Learning Opportunities

Nursery rhymes are super fun but sometimes children can really benefit from simple props to go with them. This pop-up flower nursery rhyme craft helps give meaning to the words of Mary Mary Quite Contrary for young children and really brings the nursery rhyme to life in a fun and interactive way.

It gives lots of opportunities for new role play ideas too. Perhaps your little ones might like to open their own florist shop, botanical garden or garden centre?

It of course opens up lots of opportunities to chat about real gardening too and what plants need to help them grow.

If you’re looking for more lovely nursery rhymes ideas here’s a hangout I took part in with some other fab bloggers where we share lots of ideas.

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Have Fun!

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  1. Oh what a cute idea :) Great for beginning of spring! :)

  2. What a darling craft idea for the Mary, Mary… nursery rhyme! And, I agree, they’d make a great gift, too!

  3. Those are so sweet, my little ‘un would love watering with glitter too!

  4. This is great! I LOVE the glitter idea as water :) You always make such a lovely post from a simple idea, with really good content.

  5. Great idea, thanks for sharing. They look super cute x

  6. Oh I love the idea, I believe it would be a great tool to teach kids to take care of their own flower, before they could have real ones :)

  7. What a lovely idea – they look great. I have a whole list of things I want to make with my daughter based around nursery rhymes – will have to add these to the list!

  8. What a sweet little craft! My baby niece loves ‘Wind the bobbin up’ and ‘Row, row, row your boat’, she tries to sing them already – love it!

  9. What a lovely idea, these are so pretty :-) x ps a huge congratulations on being a MADS finalist x

  10. these are great infact i remember making these as a small child also x

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  12. I adore these, so much fun and so perfect. I now have an earworm!

  13. So sweet! How very pretty!

  14. What a fantastic idea! These are so cute

  15. What a great craft tutorial, I can’t wait to try it with F. I’m pinning this one for later. x

  16. These look gorgeous, and such a simple idea. I need to get hold of some tissue paper!

  17. LOVE the watering can full of glitter! I so need to do more crafting with the kids x

  18. Wow this is sooo cute !! My daughter would love it. I especially love the blue glitter water. What a lovely touch !

  19. oh my gosh these are fantastic!! x

  20. i love making paper flowers with mine but we need some new ones as the old ones are faded. Have pinned to my crafting board

  21. What a cute idea… so clever ;-)
    Thank you for sharing

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  23. Awww I love the glitter in the watering can idea :)

  24. Love this craft and your ideas for extending the play! Can’t wait to click through and check out the ideas from the other bloggers too! Sharing this one with our Facebook followers! :)

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