Kattoo Temporary Tattoo – Free Prize Draw Giveaway

Kattoo Temporary Tattoo Free Prize Draw Giveaway

I am so pleased to able to offer this giveaway of a pack of Kattoo temporary phone number tattoos to 10 lucky readers.

The first time I saw Kattoos I just thought “YES!”

Such a simple and brilliant idea…I just wish I’d thought of it first, LOL!

Kattoos are temporary tattoos for children that allow parents or carers to write their mobile phone number onto the tattoo. It means that should that horrible heart in your throat moment happen and your child gets lost from you, perhaps in a busy situation like a festival, on holiday or at a crowded event, you know that the organisers can contact you immediately and you can be re-united. Anything that keeps that awful time of separation, stress and anxiety to an absolute minimum, for you and your child, is a must have in my book.

Kattoo Temporary Tattoo Free Prize Draw Giveaway

Kattoo Temporary Tattoo Free Prize Draw Giveaway

I think these are great for tiny tots who are too young to know Mummy or Daddy’s telephone number and yet cool enough for older kiddies to want to wear them too. As you can see, my 10 year old went straight into Power Ranger mode when he first got his on.

Kattoo Temporary Tattoo Free Prize Draw Giveaway

My youngest two children are now seven and ten and I will definitely be using Kattoos with them when we are out and about this summer. They are old enough to memorize my mobile number but I am not at all sure that they would be able to recall it if they were in the stressful situation of actually having got separated from me. I have seen wristbands used to the same effect before but I much prefer the idea of tattoos that I know can’t get lost or caught on something and they’re fun too.

The tattoos are really quick and easy to put on with water using the soft cloth that comes in the pack. You then peel off the paper backing and write your telephone number on to the tattoo with the special Kattoo pen, it takes about two minutes from start to finish. (There’s a bit of extra space along the outer edge that I would use to add other personal relevant information too, so for my youngest I’d probably add his name and that he is deaf as well.)

Kattoo Temporary Tattoo Free Prize Draw Giveaway

Both the tattoos and pen are 100% safe, UV proof and designed to be used on skin. My children can suffer with eczema but the Kattoos have been absolutely fine on their skin and not caused any irritation.

They last for at least 2 days and are water and wash proof so they’re perfect for the beach and pool too. They’re easy to remove by gently rubbing after a warm bath or a soak with a bit of baby oil. 

So if you fancy getting your hands on a pack of Kattoos in time for the busy summer outing season simply fill in the Rafflecopter form below. You’ll be prompted to leave a quick blog comment telling me where you think you’d use your Kattoos, maybe the park, beach or when out shopping? You can easily earn additional entries into the prize draw too by following the instructions on the Rafflecopter form.

Thanks for taking part, good luck and have a fabulous safe summer with your little ones.


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  1. Helen Porter says:

    do you know this is actually a fantastic idea my 3 year old is always wondering off or should i say running one minute i have his hand the next minute hes running so i think id use for days out when there are lots of other children about and its going to be busy!

  2. Kerry Brown says:

    how fab is this! i would use it wherever we go these holidays! we are going to pleasurewood hills in a few weeks and these would be brill! my son loves his temp tattoos :)

  3. These r fab and would b fantastic for my boys while we’re on holiday!

  4. These are fab would use them to all the fetes we will be going to this summer :)

  5. caroline Hooper says:

    These would be great when we go on holiday to Hythe at the beach

  6. karen hill says:

    this is a great idea. thanks so much for the chance to win this x

  7. lorraine polley says:

    would be handy to use down on the beach

  8. debbie skinner says:

    What a brilliant idea!!!!! Could have done with these with my older daughter and will be great for my youngest – would love to win for my holiday and have piece of mind x

  9. These look great. I’d use them on our camping holiday this summer – my two have no interest in learning my mobile number (I can barely remember it myself!) and they’d probably be too scared to speak to someone if they were lost.

  10. Amazing Idea, would be great for my Rainbows if we could get parents permission! xx

  11. stacey kirkbride says:

    very creative idea! these would be fab for when we go to colchester zoo next month whilst we’re on holiday ^^

  12. Heather T says:

    The summer holidays are coming up and anything that keeps their attention for more than 5mins would be good.

  13. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    we would use them on holiday

  14. Victoria Iwan says:

    at a party where there are kids

  15. kim plant says:

    fantastic I have twins with lots of birthday parties this summer x

  16. laura stewart says:

    my daughter would love these, she takes after her dad with tattoos lol

  17. Gwen Thomas says:

    We are going to Spain in August, I’d use them on my two boys there. Great idea!

  18. michelle dootson says:

    my daughter would love these for her and her friends in the holidays.

  19. Kirsty Woods says:

    Everywhere, my daughter is 3 and a bit of a wonderer

  20. clair downham says:

    hopefully if we go on holiday

  21. claire woods says:

    In the summer holidays these would be great.

  22. Laura Silver says:

    Wow, these are just fab. Would be very handy for my kids. I have 3 and they love going places but sometimes difficult to have eyes in the back of your head. Id use these over summer at drucillas and down the beach. Would put a few little demons out my mind knowing my kids have one little bit of extra security

  23. on the beach

  24. someone was just mentioning these to me earlier today!! would be good for us going camping with the kids, incase they wander off at all

  25. Brilliant idea. We would use these at the festival we’re going to in a few weeks :-)

  26. Darlene Ovenstone says:

    I would use them on my son when we go to the beach :)

  27. Felicity Smith says:

    at home on a rainy day

  28. CHRIS ANDREWS says:

    ………on holiday

  29. nicci cowdell-murray says:

    id probably put my phone number n them on the kids while we are away , just in case they wander off @chanson2010

  30. Charlotte Clark says:

    we’re going to a small family festival, should be good for that!

  31. Tammy Tudor says:

    I’d use them on holiday for peace of mind and fun :)

  32. Lindsey DUdgeon says:

    we are soon going to LEGOLAND for a few days, plus they would be brilliant at Bristol Balloon Fiesta as last year there was over 100 000 people there. It would just give us piece of mind that our son would be able to get someone to contact us if he was separated from us

  33. andrea stiff says:

    What a good idea, we are off to london for a few days in the summer holidays and then goinf for other days out, these would be fab, need eyes in the back of my head with my two kiddies

  34. diane rees says:

    at the beach :)

  35. adeinne says:

    I would use this when we go to the zoo and beach

  36. Jo welsh says:

    Whenever we go out for the day such as beach,zoo,town etc

  37. A child wondering off is any parents nightmare so I think this a fab idea. We actually have a very busy August coming up which include glamping, alton towers, milk shake show , bolsover castle and prob plenty more surprises where I would use these.

  38. robert mills says:

    cool tats my daughter needs these she loves doing fun stuff like this

  39. Gary Topley says:

    My daughter loves these so would put them on her when we go on day-trips to the seaside x

  40. Lucy Mayer says:

    These would be fab next time we’re at the airport – I usually have to resort to sticky labels on my twins’ backs!

  41. Lauren Pilkington says:

    id use them at blackpool pleasure beach

  42. I’d use them when we visit the beach in Llandudno and for some fun creative playtime at home too!

  43. Such a great invention. Perfect for little people that can’t remember big numbers!…

    New follower, you have a lovely family xx

  44. On Holiday, taking Grandchildren abroad for the first time :)

  45. vikki sanderson says:

    taking my boys down to my dads in north devon for 2 weeks, my eldest would love these!

  46. Lorraine Foster says:

    At the beach, what a fantastic idea!

  47. Laura Pritchard says:

    On my son when we holiday in Devon.

  48. at the beach!

  49. Julie Ward says:

    In the garden when having a barbecue

  50. Alton Towers weekend

  51. i will use it when we go theme park

  52. leanne williams says:

    These r fab and would b fantastic for my boys while we’re on holiday!

  53. I’d definitely use the kattoos at the beach or out shopping at the local shopping centre.

  54. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    When we go on holiday to show them off in the sun :)

  55. fantastic for my children while we’re on holiday

  56. Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. Carolyn Benjamin says:

    whilst away on holiday or any day out at a theme park, seaside etc.

  58. jessica agyin says:

    would use this on holiday in slovenia with my little girl

  59. gillian burden says:

    just what i need i have twins and they end up going their own ways perfect for when we go to the seaside

  60. mands manc (@mandsmanc) says:

    we have a few days out coming up over the school holidays, what a great idea

  61. Natalie Sullivan says:

    Genius! Would be fab on any day out where lots of kids are running about!

  62. ashley gourlay says:

    This is a fantastic idea!! would be great for my autistic nephew who is awful for wandering away

  63. On our holiday to Cyprus and at family bbq

  64. amanda davis says:

    when we go on holidays or day trips out

  65. Natalie Crossan says:

    In the park and on the beach xx

  66. Gillian Hale says:

    When we go to the beach at Camber Sands or to the Science Museum

  67. Solange says:

    On holiday

  68. Jennie Silver says:

    I’d use them on the grand kids when we go camping on the IOW

  69. when we go on holiday

  70. Ellen sturman says:

    i woulld use them on the arms on the busy beach

  71. i would put them on the arms on a busy beach

  72. andrea lloyd says:

    ideal for a summer party

  73. julie baxter says:

    at the beach! :)

  74. KATHARINE says:

    We would use these at my daughters birthday party :)

  75. Kelly Dutton says:

    At the beach.

  76. Kelly Hooper says:

    I’d give them too my daughters gran for when she takes them on holiday as my daughter loves to explore but gets very upset if she turns round and cannot see mummy/daddy/gran

  77. Nicola Reynolds says:

    I’d use these when we go on days out to Alton Towers and the seaside

  78. Alice Hindley says:

    I would use the tattoos while on holiday

  79. victoria vincent says:

    when we are on holiday :-)

  80. Becky Shorting says:

    what a brilliant idea! perfect for putting my mind at rest if they were to run off at least soemone would be able to contact me!!

  81. Natalie boundy says:

    I would use them on large outings for my son he has autism and often wonders off so we have to watch him like a hawke these tattoos are a fantastic idea

  82. On the beach or anywhere crowded. These are a genius idea.

  83. eddie britton says:

    When we go on holiday, little one would love these!

  84. Angela Williams says:

    My son is very active, so these would be great where ever we go. what a great idea.

  85. nat eveleigh says:

    on my son – he loves temporary tattoos!! great idea as he actually cant sit still ever!! :)

  86. joanne holton says:

    these would be excellent for anywhere with my littlest he so active he slips away when ever he can!!! i tend to put him in bright clothes to at least try and keep an eye on him lol

  87. Phyllis Ellett says:

    We got some big days out planned this summer so, any time we do any of these.

  88. James Strong says:

    Great idea i love it

  89. tiffany callan says:

    i’d use them on our next school outing, they often go for nature walks to the local embankment so would be ideal for wanderers x

  90. Sinead Colyn says:

    Loving this idea, maybe il give myself one too. Hehe :L. Great prize

  91. Diana Semionova says:

    Very good Idea! Would use on my girl :}

  92. Lucy Carter says:

    we are going to Legoland so these would be fab on my children

  93. Brilliant idea! I’d use these for when we’re on holiday.

  94. rebecca shelton says:

    on holiday these would come in very handy with my son :)

  95. Danielle says:

    At my boys birthday party :)

  96. Janine Atkin says:

    we’re hoping to have a few days out over the summer and these are such a fab idea.

  97. Victoria Leedham says:

    Fantastic, I’d use at festival, parks, beach, we were at carnival at the weekend I ended up putting my number on paper in there pockets as they pull off wristbands

  98. Joanne Kelly says:

    These are cute! We’re off to a caravan for a week – my kiddies would love to be donning these so they can be just like Mummy & Daddy (who have the real thing!) x

  99. rachael jones says:

    these would be amazing for my son , they would be perfect for day trips out , my son connor has verbal dyspraxia which means his speech is often not understandable so these would work so well with him !

  100. Hi!

    I work with a group of autistic children who constantly get distracted and wander off. This would really help!


  101. Karen R says:

    We would definitely use them when we go on holiday later in the summer!

  102. sharon jones says:

    great for fun!

  103. Living in a town that can get very very busy in tourist season, I think i would use them all summer long!

  104. Antonia Rookley says:

    These are great, perfect to give DD more independence and to allow me the peace of mind, great for beach days etc!

  105. James Donovan says:

    Me and my son will take turn putting these on each other during the school holidays

  106. claire little says:

    when i’m at the park with my little ones

  107. Sam Cornford says:

    We are off too the Dartmouth regatta for our holibobs and these would be ideal. X

  108. Joanne Welsh says:

    Great for letting the older kids get creative and have fun with the rest

  109. Amy Ripley says:

    Great idea for holidays!

  110. Emma Hart says:

    I would use the tattoos for my daughters when we go to theme parks and the seaside in the summer holidays :-)

  111. GILLIAN LINDSAY says:


  112. Kate Rampersad says:

    My daughter’s birthday party.

  113. laura avery says:

    Great for everywhere, the beach, festivals

  114. Petra Hora says:


  115. Samantha R says:

    we would use these on holiday

  116. This would be perfect this summer on our family holiday

  117. Kelly Ellen Hirst says:

    I’d use them on summer days out,… Especially lollibop festival!

  118. leighanne palfrey says:

    my daughter is going through a ‘hide and seek’ stage atm (shes the only one playing though!!) and these would be great most places , only the other day we went to b and q and she decided to hide in one of the baths !! what fun :)

  119. I’d use these on all 3 of my girls.

  120. Sarah R says:

    We would use them for trips to busy places like theme parks, the beach, castles etc. I think these are a bloomin fantastic idea!

  121. lynn neal says:

    On the grandchildren when we are out and about at theme parks, seaside etc

  122. Colette Burgess says:

    We’re out and about all over this summer at little festivals, the zoo etc so would use them anywhere!

  123. Anita Roberts says:

    on the beach x

  124. katarzyna says:

    Definitely on our holidays!

  125. Wendy Guy says:

    Great for the children’s holidays

  126. Daniel Stacey says:

    camping in St Ives

  127. We’re off to Chessington so that seems like the ideal place .. mind you with my pair – everywhere would be more appropriate!

  128. Michelle Weston says:

    I think these would be really useful on Holiday :0)


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