Autumn Art – Window Painting

Make mess free, removable window paintings. A beautiful Fall art activity that captures the season's magic and brings all the beautiful colours inside. From My Little 3 and MeI really do love Autumn and enjoy doing Fall art and craft activities with the children that capture some of the season’s magic and bring all the beautiful colours inside.

I’m excited to share our latest activity with you…these colourful Fall Art – Window Paintings (sun catchers). With the light behind them they create really pretty silhouettes of all the different leaf shapes your children can find and make a lovely Autumnal display of colours that looks great on any window.

I love that this craft involves going on a leaf hunt with the children first and then getting to bring all those fabulous leaves inside to look at more closely and chat about.

The simplicity of this Fall art activity means that children of all ages, even the very young, can have fun with it and create stunning window displays.

I also love the flexibility of it, as it’s really easy to do in all sorts of sizes from tiny one leaf pictures to great big collaborative pieces. So whether you have one child or a class of 30, whether your windows are tiny or enormous, this is a great activity for you all.

Make mess free, removable window paintings. A beautiful Fall art activity that captures the season's magic and brings all the beautiful colours inside. From My Little 3 and Me

How To Make A Fall Art Window Painting

You Will Need:

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I have made a short video “how-to” below, which I hope really shows how easy this activity is. I’ve jotted down the step by steps as well for those of your that prefer it that way.

  1. Cut out two pieces of sticky back plastic / contact paper to your desired size. The one in the photo is 45cm x 45cm.
  2. With the paper side down and plastic side up, Blue Tack one piece of sticky back plastic to the table to stop it rolling up. (Set aside the second piece until last.)
  3. Lightly Blue Tack the leaves into the desired position on top of the plastic.
  4. Dip the sponge into the paint and dab it up and down all over the plastic until covered. (Be careful not to move the leaves.) This is a super time to chat with the children about the colour mixing you can see going on.
  5. Allow to dry naturally or speed up with a hairdryer on a cool setting.
  6. Remove the leaves to reveal the unpainted silhouettes.
  7. Take the second piece of sticky back plastic / contact paper, remove its backing and place it over the first sheet to seal in the painted surface.
  8. Remove the backing of your finished piece of Fall Art and pop it on display on a window.

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  1. This is gorgeous, I love your spin on using the contact paper for sticky art!

    • Emma "My Little 3 and Me" Smith says:

      Thanks Heather. I’m delighted you like the idea. I love that they peel off the windows so easily without leaving stickiness so they’re super easy to move around too.

  2. This looks great! We’ll have to try it!

  3. Thank you so much for inspiring me! I found this idea and used a similar method to make Tape Resist Pumpkin Window Art! Look forward to seeing more of your posts.

    • Emma "My Little 3 and Me" Smith says:

      That’s great Sabrina, it’s super when people can spark ideas off each other. Your pumpkin pictures look lovely.

  4. I was looking for an activity that wasn’t one we had seen or done before! This is perfect! Thank you!

  5. I am so happy to have found you!!! Your Autumn leaf window art activity is beautiful. I love the autumn and it’s colours and am always looking for new, fun things to do first with my kids and then in my playgroups. I want to do this activity for myself!!! Thank you! WIll visit again.

    • Emma "My Little 3 and Me" Smith says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words Maria. I hope you have fun with the idea. Looking forward to seeing you here again soon. :-)

  6. karlmarroquin says:

    Very creative and cant wait to make these sun catchers


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    Autumn Art – Window Painting – My Little 3 and Me

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