A Close Up Exploration Of The World

Micropro Microscope Review

My little scientists have been equally enthralled and grossed out with their close up exploration of the world through the Micropro Microscope Set from Learning Resources. You should see what’s on their list of things to explore next, the little horrors!

Exploring The Solar System With Learning Resources

We've been learning about space with Learning Resources' Motorised Solar System.

We’ve been trying out the Motorised Solar System Model from Learning Resources and have been so impressed. A must have for any little space fans and a fabulous and hands-on way to bring the difficult concept of space to life.

How To Make A Paper Boat

How To Make a Paper Boat- video tutorial by My Little 3 and Me

We had great fun sailing boats and having mud fights! Follow our simple video tutorial to make your own paper boat. A fantastic activity to encourage both creativity and scientific learning about density and buoyancy.

Learn About Bees’ Tongues

Learn about bees with My Little 3 and Me

Learn about bees’ amazing tongues with close up photographs and videos and sing a fun finger rhyme about bees to help early number learning.

Learning About Wolf Spiders

Learning About Wolf spiders

We’ve been looking at a mummy wolf spider carrying her baby spiderlings on her back. Such a fantastic learning opportunity for the children.

Paper Plate Frog Mask

Frog Mask

Make a curly tongued, fly catching Paper Plate Frog Mask, perfect for Spring and Summer play activities. Croak, Croak, Ribbit!

Learn About Frog Development & Make A Pond Scene

frog 3

Enjoy week 1 of our photos of frog development from eggs to emerging tadpoles and have fun with our frog themed craft; make a 3D pond scene. Croakily cute!

Fake Dog Poop, April Fools’ Day Prank


Easily make a Fake Dog Poop, April Fools’ Day Prank. Position it well and lie in wait for your unsuspecting victim to find it…revoltingly great fun!

Scented Valentine Play Dough

Rose Scented Valentine's Day Play Dough

What I love most about play dough is that it has no boundaries and alongside the fine motor skill development and hidden science is the opportunity for children of all ages to express themselves in so many different ways through the exploration of colour, texture and shape and the wonders of imaginative play.

How To Make Snow Gel – Sensory Play

Cold, Wobbly, Sparkly Snow Gel.

Cold, wobbly, sparkly Snow Gel; a wonderfully rich sensory play experience.

Seasonal Shakers

Seasonal Sensory Snow Bottles

Seasonal bottles are great to look at, play with and chat about. Children enjoy relating what they can see in the bottle to what’s been going on in their world. Ours are full of snowy things at the moment but pretty much anything can go in them. Have fun and take your children’s lead, I bet they’ve got loads of ideas of things to pop inside and it will certainly give them lots to chatter about.

Sweet Wrapper Science

Sweet wrapper science, colour exploration

If you’re anything like me then over the festive period you ate more tins of chocolates than you care to own up to, blamed most of the scoffing on the children and the pets and now the tightness of your waistband is giving the game away. Well I don’t feel so bad about it as I evidently had to do it, not because I’m a greedy snuffle-pig but for the children and in the name of science.

Hubble Bubble, Children’s Potion Making Activity

Hubble Bubble Potion Making Activity

We hubble, bubbled, toiled and troubled along with the best of them; chanted in rhymes that would make Quentin Blake proud and quite honestly had the best afternoon ever!
“Hubble, bubble Wizards’ brew, none for me but lots for you! Cackle, cackle.”