Cooking With Kids – Christmas Tree Pizza

Christmas cooking with kids

Christmas cooking with kids is great but it doesn’t have to be all about sweet tastes. Try our Christmas Tree Pizza for some savoury festive fun.

Mouldy Bogey Scones For Healthy Halloween Fun


Looking for a healthy Halloween recipe? These mouldy bogey scones (Ewwwww Yuk!) are great fun and there’s not a sweet in sight!

Mediterranean Style Soda Bread

Mediterranean Style Soda Bread

A delicious mediterranean style soda bread without buttermilk. The addition of olives, cheese and sun-dried tomatoes gives lots of flavour. Yummy!

In The Kitchen With Nigella: Oatcakes

Cheese Topped Oatcakes

January’s In The Kitchen With Nigella: Freshly baked Oatcakes perfect for a Burns Night supper. Yummy!

Easy Peasy Pitta Breads

Freshly Baked Pitta Breads

Easy Peasy Pittas; I made double today so that I could put half in the freezer. (Blows raspberry at supermarkets’ ready-made packs and looks smug.) I’m not sure why I’ve never tried to make this handy little kitchen standby before!

Cheesy Chicken With Bacon and Green Beans

Cheesy Chicken With Green Beans

It’s such an easy and quick dish, ideal for throwing together after a busy day when your children are ravenous and you need something tasty and fast. It’s versatile too and delicious served with rice, pasta or a jacket potato.

Creamy Mushroom Soup With Pumpkin And Sunflower Seed Cheesy Scones

Creamy Mushroom Soup

I love this meal for chilly Autumn Days. The soup is comforting without being too heavy and the scones are soft and fluffy, delicious straight from the oven with lashings of butter.