Mouldy Bogey Scones For Healthy Halloween Fun


Looking for a healthy Halloween recipe? These mouldy bogey scones (Ewwwww Yuk!) are great fun and there’s not a sweet in sight!

Easter Chocolate Nests

Easter Chocolate Nests

An easy Easter Chocolate Nests recipe that’s great for kids to help with. The shredded wheat gives a fantastic nest look. Adorable and of course delicious!

Mother’s Day Doughnut Muffins & Decorative Toppers

Mother's Day Doughnut Love Muffins

A really easy Mother’s Day Doughnut Muffins recipe, perfect for the children to make for a special Mummy or Grandma

Welsh Cakes Recipe

Welsh Cakes - delicious hot or cold.

Tasty Welsh Cakes – delicious warm with melted butter or cold with a sprinkling of sugar.

Lemon Meringue Easter Eggs

Lemon Meringue Easter Eggs

These Lemon Meringue Easter Eggs are delicious eaten on their own or sandwiched together with whipped cream. A great alternative to a chocolatey Easter.

Iced Biscuits for a Mad Chatters Tea Party

Iced Tea Party Biscuits

You might be surprised to know that over a million children in the UK struggle with communication difficulties today. That’s 2 or 3 children in every classroom needing specialist help! Making friends, understanding other people and achieving their full potential can be really difficult without essential speech, language and communication skills. ICAN, the children’s communication charity supports these children and their families and helps to ensure that they receive the help they need. This Spring, 1st- 8th March, ICAN are {Read More}

Limoncello Tart

Limoncello Tart

This Limoncello Tart offers a superb combination of soft, creamy, citrus filling sitting on a base of crunchy sweet enriched pastry. Simply Yummy.

‘I Love You’ Trifle Cakes

Valentine Trifle Cakes

Yay, a fat free sponge. Now I can eat even more cake, yippee! Oops I mean …now I can share it with someone I love (as long as they don’t eat too much!)

In The Kitchen With Nigella – American Pancakes

American Pancakes Drizzled With Honey

These little beauties have changed my pancake world!

Magic Harry Potter Chocolate Pudding!

Hot Steaming Chocolate Pudding

Magic Harry Potter Chocolate Pudding – the perfect winter treat…and yes it really is magic, the kiddies won’t believe it…and yes, it does look a bit like a brain!

Easy Peasy Pitta Breads

Freshly Baked Pitta Breads

Easy Peasy Pittas; I made double today so that I could put half in the freezer. (Blows raspberry at supermarkets’ ready-made packs and looks smug.) I’m not sure why I’ve never tried to make this handy little kitchen standby before!

Banana Pops

Crumb's Banana Pop

Three little banana pops,
Standing in a line.
None for you,
They’re all mine!
Munch, Munch!

Penguin Biscuits

Penguin Biscuits

Penguin Biscuits a fun winter treat.

Easy Chocolate Truffles For Kids

Easy Chocolate Truffles

These easy chocolate truffles for kids are a great Christmas cooking recipe that the children can get really hands on with and they make really pretty gifts for others too.