Button Valentine Card and Printable

Valentine Button CardOne of the best things I ever bought for my children was an enormous tub of buttons. They have been played with again and again in so many different ways. The children have sorted them, shared them, weighed them, counted them, piled them, threaded them and made patterns with them to mention just a few.

My youngest found the idea of sticking some of his precious buttons down and giving them to someone, something that required a bit of thought. I’m relieved to say that he loves the result and is proudly giving his card to someone special on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Button Card

Valentine Button Card


How To Make A Button Heart Valentine Card

You will need
  • A handful of buttons (We chose reddish ones for Valentine’s Day but other colours would look pretty too for any time of the year.)
  • 2 sheets of  A4 card (We chose a vibrant blue colour for the card itself and red for the hearts) (If you don’t have any red card I have provided a printable heart sheet. It is A4 size so you can just print it to whatever scale you want.)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pen
Valentine Heart Printable

Valentine Heart Printable
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  1. Fold the piece of card you’ve chosen for the body of your Valentine card in half and write your message inside.
  2. Draw and cut out three different sized hearts on your contrasting coloured card. (Make sure they fit on your card front.) Alternatively scale, print and cut out the hearts from our Valentine Heart Printable.
  3. Cover your largest heart thickly with glue and stick on your buttons.
  4. When your buttons are dry stick the button heart and your two smaller hearts onto the front of your card.
  5. Give it to someone special.
Sticking on the Buttons

Sticking On The Buttons

This is such a simple and adaptable idea. Children might like to experiment with different coverings for their big heart, perhaps fabric, tissue paper or glitter. And of course this card doesn’t just have to be for Valentine’s Day, what about Mother’s Day or Father’s Day too?

And of course Valentine’s Day gives us a great opportunity to discuss with our little ones the concept of ‘Love’, family and close relationships.

We hope you have a lot of fun.

This activity supports: Expressive Arts and Design and Personal, Social and Emotional Development: in the EYFS Early Learning Goals.

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  1. I love ALL button crafts. It looks so wonderful.

    And thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty.



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