EmmaAbout My Little 3 and Me…

Hi, I’m Emma, mum to Cupcake 21, Biscuit 9 and Crumb 7.  They are my everything and largely why I’m here, writing this blog. Being a mum has been my life’s most exciting adventure. It gives me so many “Wow”s, so much to laugh at, so much to treasure and I’m hoping that in the future this blog will help me remember long gone events.

Cupcake is a beautiful independent young lady. She embraces life with a confidence I certainly didn’t have at that age. It’s exciting and sometimes worrying watching her forge her adult life’s path without holding my hand. I love that she’s still at home and dread the time that will come when she’ll venture away.

Biscuit is a cricket and badminton mad young man of 9. He’s “Mr Laid Back” and a wonderfully caring brother with a fantastic sense of fun and a wonderful imagination full of adventure.

Crumb is my youngest, now age 7. The years have really shot by in a blur. Crumb was born profoundly deaf with a visual impairment and an oral-motor skill delay. I was full of fears for his future but they have all been blown away by his amazing determination. With bi-lateral cochlear implants he is a very bouncy and passionate little boy. He adores reading, singing and Irish dancing and copes with his day to day difficulties amazingly well with a patience and acceptance I admire.

Crumb’s disability took my life in a direction I hadn’t anticipated. I gave up work as a primary teacher and became a full time stay at home mum. I studied British Sign Language and Cued Speech and went on to be a Cued Speech tutor. Now he’s started school I’ve returned to work but now I’m self-employed working in Children’s Centres, with pre-schoolers and their carers facilitating activities to promote confidence and communication. My job is full of an immense amount of fun and I spend hours each week singing, dancing, playing and pretending.

So why the blog?…Primarily as a record of my time with my children. I wish I had done this 21 years ago when my daughter was born. So much is forgotten and it would have been super to have a chronological trigger to memories that a blog might provide. Secondly, to celebrate and share the little things in our family life that make it special. And lastly, I recently treated myself to my first DSLR after completing a short Open University Photography Course. I’m now studying with the Photography Institute and hope my skills will continue to develop. I still have so far to go! I hope this blog will motivate me to take better photos and to snap at things other than just my children!