Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts – Beaded and Pasta Hearts

Bead Heart Craft

These gorgeous hanging beaded and pasta hearts are really simple so even tiny tots can get involved making them. A perfect pretty gift for any loved Mummy or Grandma.

Lemon Meringue Easter Eggs

Lemon Meringue Easter Eggs

These Lemon Meringue Easter Eggs are delicious eaten on their own or sandwiched together with whipped cream. A great alternative to a chocolatey Easter.

Iced Biscuits for a Mad Chatters Tea Party

Iced Tea Party Biscuits

You might be surprised to know that over a million children in the UK struggle with communication difficulties today. That’s 2 or 3 children in every classroom needing specialist help! Making friends, understanding other people and achieving their full potential can be really difficult without essential speech, language and communication skills. ICAN, the children’s communication charity supports these children and their families and helps to ensure that they receive the help they need. This Spring, 1st- 8th March, ICAN are {Read More}

Make A Paper Plate Pig Mask

Adorable Pink Paper Plate Pig Mask, Perfect For Your Little Snuffle Monster.

These adorable snuffly paper plate pig masks are really easy to make and something children of all ages will love to have in their dressing up box. I really like that they sit on the forehead as some little ones don’t like wearing full face masks and it makes it much easier for glasses wearers too.

Limoncello Tart

Limoncello Tart

This Limoncello Tart offers a superb combination of soft, creamy, citrus filling sitting on a base of crunchy sweet enriched pastry. Simply Yummy.

Make Paper Plate Lamb and Sheep Masks

Cute Springtime Paper Plate Sheep and Lamb Masks

These cute, fluffy paper plate lamb and sheep masks are easy to make and children of all ages will love having them in their dressing up box. Baa, Baa! (They sit on the forehead so are great for glasses wearers and children that don’t like full face masks too.)

My Children Made Me Cry Today

Crumb My Super Hero by Biscuit aged 9

Having a child with a disability can change your whole way of life…I am emotional that the two young boys appreciate the journey that it’s been and what they have in each other.

My Little Big Town’s Tiny Twisted Tales – Book Review

Books from My Little Big Town's Tiny Twisted Tales Collection.

I was excited when My Little Big Town asked us to review some of their children’s books. My children are avid readers and I’m always on the lookout for new publishers and authors to feed their passion for reading.

‘I Love You’ Trifle Cakes

Valentine Trifle Cakes

Yay, a fat free sponge. Now I can eat even more cake, yippee! Oops I mean …now I can share it with someone I love (as long as they don’t eat too much!)

Button Valentine Card and Printable

Valentine Button Card

Valentine’s Day gives us a great opportunity to discuss with our little ones the concepts of ‘Love’, family and close relationships and this easy card is fun to make and share with our nearest and dearest.

Pancake Fun Activities and Printable

Drawing Pancake Toppings Printable

Looking for some pancake fun with your little ones? We’ve got toy cookers and pancakes to make, songs to sing, games to play and a lovely ‘Pancake Toppings’ free printable. Lots to keep your little ones busy and help them explore the traditions, tastes and fun of pancake day.

In The Kitchen With Nigella – American Pancakes

American Pancakes Drizzled With Honey

These little beauties have changed my pancake world!

The MAD Blog Awards 2013

Mad badge

We were amazed and excited to find that someone has nominated us in the MAD Blog Awards. Now whoever nominated us was not my Mum, I promise hand on heart, as she’s been away on her hols! So I’m counting it as a real nomination, YAY (little hop-skippety dance in the kitchen). Thankyou special person.

Mind The Gap!

Crumb's Wonderous Gap!

“Mind The Gap!” A toothful tale of envy and pink slugs! (Did you see what I did there?)