Valentine Craft – Jewelled Milk Bottle Sun Catchers

Jewelled Sun Catcher Gift

Gorgeous Valentine heart sun catchers. You’d never guess they were made from up-cycled milk jugs would you!

Magic Harry Potter Chocolate Pudding!

Hot Steaming Chocolate Pudding

Magic Harry Potter Chocolate Pudding – the perfect winter treat…and yes it really is magic, the kiddies won’t believe it…and yes, it does look a bit like a brain!

How To Make Snow Gel – Sensory Play

Cold, Wobbly, Sparkly Snow Gel.

Cold, wobbly, sparkly Snow Gel; a wonderfully rich sensory play experience.

How To Make An Indoor Igloo

Make an indoor igloo

We were really missing the snow so decided to continue the fun and games in the house by making an Indoor Igloo!

In The Kitchen With Nigella: Oatcakes

Cheese Topped Oatcakes

January’s In The Kitchen With Nigella: Freshly baked Oatcakes perfect for a Burns Night supper. Yummy!

How To Build An Igloo

The last brick

Want to know how to build an igloo? Well it’s easy, all you need is nothing but the kitchen sink! …Oh and a spade, that helps…and snow of course, lots of snow…and while you’re at it some thermals!

Seasonal Shakers

Seasonal Sensory Snow Bottles

Seasonal bottles are great to look at, play with and chat about. Children enjoy relating what they can see in the bottle to what’s been going on in their world. Ours are full of snowy things at the moment but pretty much anything can go in them. Have fun and take your children’s lead, I bet they’ve got loads of ideas of things to pop inside and it will certainly give them lots to chatter about.

Snow Painting

Snow Painting. Winter activity for kids

We’ve been busy in the garden making a snow cat that Biscuit and Crumb decided to call Tabitha. We painted her with simple poster paint but mixed up powder paint would work just as well too.
The children loved how it brought their character to life. Say hello to Tabitha the Snowcat, our new pet.

Easy Peasy Pitta Breads

Freshly Baked Pitta Breads

Easy Peasy Pittas; I made double today so that I could put half in the freezer. (Blows raspberry at supermarkets’ ready-made packs and looks smug.) I’m not sure why I’ve never tried to make this handy little kitchen standby before!

Banana Pops

Crumb's Banana Pop

Three little banana pops,
Standing in a line.
None for you,
They’re all mine!
Munch, Munch!

Small World Snow Scene

Snowball Fight!

Why Is Small World Snow Play so Valuable?

Children love playing in the snow but sadly it often doesn’t hang around for long and all we’re left with is dirty slush. A small world snow play scene can help children explore the fun and magic of snow play again and again and again.

Caterpillar Chocolate Eclairs

Cute Caterpillar Chocolate Eclair

The children suggested trying to make eclairs for one of the 52 week challenge bakes and I am so, so glad they did. I thought it would be really tricky but if I can do it first time then anyone can!

Sweet Wrapper Science

Sweet wrapper science, colour exploration

If you’re anything like me then over the festive period you ate more tins of chocolates than you care to own up to, blamed most of the scoffing on the children and the pets and now the tightness of your waistband is giving the game away. Well I don’t feel so bad about it as I evidently had to do it, not because I’m a greedy snuffle-pig but for the children and in the name of science.

Home Made Cookie Cutters

Penguin Shaped Cookie Cutters

Easily make your own cookie cutters from a plastic bottle.

Here’s how to do it…