Happy New Year

Thanks for dropping by and bottoms up for a wonderful 2013.

Erin The Perfect Elf – a poem

Erin the Elf

Erin the Perfect Elf, making Christmas special…a poem.

Easy Chocolate Truffles For Kids

Easy Chocolate Truffles

These easy chocolate truffles for kids are a great Christmas cooking recipe that the children can get really hands on with and they make really pretty gifts for others too.

Christmas Cookie Recipes – Pinata Gingerbread

Hidden Sweets inside Gingerbread Cookie

Looking for fun Christmas cookie recipes for kids? Try Pinata Gingerbread, super festive fun for children to make, eat and share.

No Time To Shave, I Almost Killed The Cat And Grandma’s Birthday

Grandma's Birthday Card

People do feel special with a homemade card don’t they? They don’t just think, “Oh great, here’s another scrawled piece of tat from her kids because she’s too tight and lazy to go to the shop to get a proper card, and have you seen the state of her legs recently? She won’t be needing thermals this winter I can tell you!”

Reindeer Cupcakes


Super cute Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer Cupcakes for kids. A great easy Christmas recipe for the children to enjoy making, eating and sharing.

Gingerbread Christmas Tree Decorations

Snowman and Gingerbread Tree

This beautiful edible tree makes a great table centre piece. Easy and fun to do, your children will love to get involved.

How To Make Chocolate Tree Decorations

Super easy Chocolate Tree Decorations, a great Christmas cooking activity for kids. From My Little 3 and Me.

You will love how easy it is to make gorgeous chocolate tree decorations. A lovely Christmas activity for the whole family to enjoy together.

Father Christmas Song

Crumb being Father Christmas

We’ve had lots of giggles writing and performing this Father Christmas Song and hope you enjoy it too.

Scented Salt Dough Decorations

Scented Saltdough Decorations

We’ve all heard of salt-dough decorations, but how about making them more festive with a gorgeous mixed spice scent and coffee colouring?

Fingerprint Reindeer and Snowmen Gift Tags

Finger Print Gift Tags

Fun and cute reindeer and snowmen fingerprint gift tags your children will love to make. They’re such a great way to give your gifts a personal touch.

Cookie Cutter Printed Wrapping Paper

Beautiful Hand-Printed Wrapping Paper

Quick and easy Cookie Cutter Printed Wrapping Paper, a great way to make that gift for someone special that extra bit special.

Reindeer Song


We love to sing songs and often make them up using familiar tunes. Here’s “I’m a Little Reindeer”, which we created to go with our Printable Reindeer Antlers Craft. We hope you like it.