Printable Reindeer Antlers to Colour and Wear.


Look how cute these fabulous printable reindeer antlers are. Children can have great fun colouring and wearing them this Christmas time.

Magic Cherry and Almond Muffins

Cake and Milk

These muffins never cease to amaze me. It’s a simple throw it all in and hey presto recipe that doesn’t require any cream the butter and sugar together and slowly add the eggs bit by bit nonsense. Perfect and quick muffins everytime. Where’s the magic? It says it makes 12 but there’s only ever 5!

Emma’s Chocolate Brownies


Makes 16 squares; enough for one greedy mummy or a family if she really must share. Grrrrr.

Cheesy Chicken With Bacon and Green Beans

Cheesy Chicken With Green Beans

It’s such an easy and quick dish, ideal for throwing together after a busy day when your children are ravenous and you need something tasty and fast. It’s versatile too and delicious served with rice, pasta or a jacket potato.

Confessions Of A Windy Mum!

Windy Mummy

We have an ongoing family saying, if someone hears us farting we retort “It must be a mouse!”. Little Crumb aged 7 still delights in pointing a finger and saying, “Mummy, I know it was you!” If I’m having a good day we may have adopted a dog and after an egg and bean lunch a hippo, and on rare but wondrous occasions I swear we’ve had an elephant hiding in the house!

Creamy Mushroom Soup With Pumpkin And Sunflower Seed Cheesy Scones

Creamy Mushroom Soup

I love this meal for chilly Autumn Days. The soup is comforting without being too heavy and the scones are soft and fluffy, delicious straight from the oven with lashings of butter.

Proud To Be Part Of…

Other Ranks

It has been a thought provoking experience to handle the photographed faces of hundreds and hundreds of people of all ages who have in some way been the victims of war.

Prehistoric Dinner

Cave Man Biscuit

Chops and broccoli became a step back in time as 9 year old Biscuit asked if he could be a caveman and eat his meat with his hands. This soon escalated into all of us stomping around the table, thumping our chests, gesticulating wildly and shouting lots of guttural “Ug”s. (Note to self  – shut the curtains now the nights are drawing in so neighbours’ view of me as normal sensible parent are not shattered.) Chops devoured and school jumpers sufficiently {Read More}

How To Strip A Mummy Of Her Dignity in 5 Easy Steps.

Hairy Nosed Mum

Step 1 Choose your morning with cunning. A relaxed Sunday morning works best.  Climb into your mummy’s bed and wait for her to just stir from her sleep. Snuggle right up to her and look up lovingly into her eyes. Step 2 With big doe eyes utter the words, “I love you from my heart.” Then snuggle even closer. Step 3 Wait momentarily for your mummy to begin her melt into loving gushiness. Step 4 Utter the precious words “I {Read More}